About aQrate

What is diagnostics? More often than not, we overlook the importance and role of diagnostics in health care. It runs behind the scene and so doesn’t get noticed. But just like the director of a play, the chef in a restaurant, or the stuntman in your favorite action movie, diagnostics is indispensable to healthcare.

Correct diagnosis is the first step to the right treatment. From the time the clinician orders the test, until the time the result is generated, there are a wide variety of processes that take place to generate a good result. To give an accurate, reliable, good quality report within a set standard of time and in a manner that gives some direction to the clinician for the patient’s treatment, is a complicated task.

I took up medicine as a career due to my passion for knowing what goes on in the human body when it is normal and when it is suffering. Every day in my lab I see tests, supervise processing, analyze results, at times advise further tests to come to a final diagnosis and at last when I approve it for dispatch, I have a clear diagnosis in mind, and a satisfaction that the doctor has got his answer and I have played my role in the management of the patient.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide good quality reports that are reliable, accurate, fast, and at the doorsteps. Our mission is to provide the best technology in diagnostics to the community, so no person has to suffer because of delayed or incorrect reports. At the same time, we have kept our services affordable so that maximum people can take advantage of that.

Why Choose Us ?

Diagnostics is not just about giving a report of someone’s blood sample, it is about discovering the cause of someone’s health or illness, and at aQrate, we do exactly that. We talk to patients, doctors and we do research, to send out a report that is not mere numbers or text, but a carefully studied and dispatched information about the patient’s health.

MEET OUR Doctors

Dr. Priyanka Batra
- MBBS, MD - Pathology

A Pathologist by profession, I am a person who likes to know the why's. That is the reason I entered the branch of diagnostics, to find reasons and causes of suffering of patients.

Doctors can treat patients effectively only when they have a good and accurate report in hand. In the society, where technicians have taken over the pathology reporting, if patients or doctors are looking for Quality, Accuracy and Reliability in reports, they can call us on our 24 hours helpline number or visit us at our diagnostic center, and rest assured that we'll give you the most accurate report in the best turn around time at the most affordable prices.

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